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Great businesses provide customers with a meaningful experience

Great digital experiences build the loyalty that drives business so marketers today need a toolset that can recognise individuals as they journey across devices. It’s essential to build a foundation that centralises the core components of experience creation and delivery. When we thought about the future of website management we thought about removing barriers, without compromise. This is the software marketing teams asked us to build.

Streamline your workflow

All of your activity in one place. You can plan, create and schedule content in collaboration with your entire marketing team. Everything in a clear and easy to use system that allows editing and review. Set user roles to ensure proper governance — with only authorised people allowed to publish.

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Put your content at the centre

Goby allows you to leverage existing content from social channels, along with user-generated content, original blog posts, white papers and videos into one central place. Using the same content Goby creates sites and pages that automatically adjust to all devices. This allows your brand to grow an audience on a channel you own.

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Build consistent, engaging experiences

Provide a seamless experience across mobile devices, apps, web, and other channels with Goby — a single platform that allows you to communicate across devices and between online and physical experiences.

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All your assets in one place

Save time and costs by repurposing assets from a centralised library. Goby makes it simple to reuse and modify your best performing assets.

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Many Channels. One Experience.

Reach your customers across all their devices.

Features and benefits

Decouples content from presentation

A write-once, distribute-across-any-channel approach to web content makes it easy for your content to look good wherever it’s consumed. Goby automatically serves content in the format best sized and suited for a user’s device.

Offers in-session personalisation

Delivers targeted, relevant content to unique visitors, visitor types or personas by allowing you to set personalisation rules that test details about visitors during their visit. Text, rich media, forms, social media widgets, promotions, recommendations and more can be personalised based on rules, workflows or a visitor’s device or location.

Manages multilingual content

Goby natively handles multilingual content and the translation workflow and integrates with translation services. This lets content creators write in their native language and globally translate.

Supports multiple sites

Enterprise customers don’t have to recreate content for every website they manage—because Sitecore lets you share content across thousands of sites for a consistent experience on all of them.

Optimised for mobile

Our device detection module lets you automatically detect and optimise content for different devices, allowing you to preview how your content will look on an iPhone vs. a Surface tablet. And the geo IP detection package lets you personalise based on the physical location.

Delivers implementation speed

Reduces web development from months to weeks by offering templates for commonly used page components.

Social Curation

Pick and choose the user-generated content that is most relevant for your customers. Simply moderate, filter and curate the content you want to display with easy to use moderation tools.

Goby Screens

Deliver seamless experiences to your customers on all screens: desktops, tablets, phones, or in-venue screens. Manage your large-screen content like any other, from one unified platform, and also have the ability to manage screen locations, channels, and specific displays.

Goby Target

Target entire digital experiences — not just segments and content. With the power of Goby Target, you can target across channels using predefined variables and business metrics.

Brand Portal

Make approved assets available on demand to everyone — from internal teams to external agencies, partners, and resellers. A secure, custom-branded web portal makes it easy to search assets, select the right versions for specific channels, and put them to use immediately.

Asset Insight

Discover which assets are used most, where they’re used, and which ones are driving the most click-throughs — so you can build more successful campaigns. Search for high-performing assets and repurpose them in new channels, or use them to inspire future campaign creation.

Smart Search

Add relevant metadata to assets so you can find them quickly and spend less time tagging. Use search to find assets that have similar qualities and take advantage of additional improvements including the ability to search across Goby, receive search suggestions, and spell-check your search terms.

All the features

  • Editorial calendar
  • Asset Library
  • Approval queue
  • Mobile app
  • Tag manager
  • Promote content
  • Campaign planner
  • Events
  • Scheduler
  • Create drafts
  • Permission roles
  • Multichannel publishing
  • User-friendly editor
  • Mobile responsive
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Form module
  • Brand governance
  • Advertising

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