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Today’s websites require better content management.

Today’s digital marketing requires presenting your content on multiple channels and across all devices. Designed with your content and customers at its heart — Goby gives you one place to create, manage and deliver personally relevant and engaging digital experiences.

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Creation of value

Delivering engaging multichannel customer experiences to drive online business success


Ease of Use

Goby makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.


Personalised and Timely

Increase customer satisfaction with user centric targeted content.

The Goby Advantage


Creation of value

Publish with agility

Goby has been designed to make you as productive as possible. This means it's fast, beautiful and easy to use so you can focus on getting your message out to your customers, not how the technology works.

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Ease of use

Don't make noise, orchestrate campaigns

With Goby you can plan, create and schedule web content in collaboration with your entire marketing team and power your social media publishing - from one unified interface.

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Personalised & timely

Deliver personal emails automatically

It’s important that the right message reaches the right audience. So make your messaging consistent, no matter where they experience it. With Goby, you can quickly personalise and deliver campaigns across diferent screens, geo-locations and channels. Segment and target your customers with precision. Manage data segments to deliver automated and triggered campaigns.


Automated Social Funnel

Harness social assets

Pick and choose the user-generated content that is most relevant for your customers. Simply moderate, filter and curate the content you want to display with easy to use moderation tools.

Leverage the power of a social hub for a live event. Goby is the perfect solution as you can pull in an array of social content from your own, and other people’s social handles, along with hashtags and video content, moderate the story and publish to your audience in real time.


Goby for every industry

Not just another CMS platform.
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With Goby Digital Manager, you also benefit from BinaryFold4’s complete agency expertise to set-up your site and create a CMS thats truly yours. We strategise, design, create and host your website to provide a truly individual solution.


By empowering their global teams to deliver rich and localised online experiences, STJ Advisors became 2X’s faster at content delivery.


Discover Derby increased their customers’ time on their site by 40% with the use of dynamic images.


Coates & Seely Wines drove four times higher conversion rates.

Deliver much more than a website

Manage all content channels and teams on one collaborative platform

Increase customer satisfaction with user centric targetted content

Create quality content with an easy to use editorial calendar

Enrich your customers experience with location triggered content

Maximise team efficiency with administrator and governance features

Measure impact and create reports with metrics

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A digital platform for medical professionals

One platform to manage content, share resources and individually cater for patients. We’re using a technology-driven approach to deliver better online care for lower costs.


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